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Reading aloud activities.

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Reading aloud activities... the following activities all involve reading aloud at least part of a text...


1. Give students a text and put students in pairs. Each student chooses one sentence. They read their sentence to each other, then guess whose sentence came first in the text, and then read the text and check their answers. This could be a pre reading (ie prediction) or post reading activity.


2. Books closed, drill a sentence from the text, but change one word. Students open books and search the text to find the word that is wrong. They have a reason for keeping the sentence in the short term memory.


3. Hum the text, ie hum the words with appropriate  intonation, stress while students follow in their books. Stop from time to time to see if students can follow. Put students in pairs to do the same.


4. Quickly skim through a text aloud, i.e. read aloud important words and phrases  from a section of text and ask students to note and underline the words you said, these will be mainly nouns and verbs. Ask students to do the same to each other. This should help them to read faster.