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Professional interests and articles
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I teach at the University of Economics, Izmir, Turkey. I also work in the Academic Writing Centre, advising students and staff on their papers, articles and theses. 
For the last six years I have been organising the voluntary Wednesday workshops teacher development programme in Izmir, Turkey for the British Council.
I was editor of the 'Practical Teaching Ideas' column in IATEFL Voices, 2006-8.
I guest-edited the November 2006 edition of Humanising Language Teaching.
I have had articles published in Modern English Teacher, English Teaching Professional, IATEFL Voices, and on the web in Onestopenglish, Humanising Language Teaching,  Internet TESL Journal and Daves ESL Cafe.
Read my articles and lesson plans.  Follow the links below:

Using stories. HLT Nov 2009

Making Grammar Memorable, Humanising Language Teaching, Dec 2008

Onestopenglish lessonshare winner Nov 08

Support material for Cornelsen Publishing (Germany) (click on 'Weiter' button for download)

Making offers: Onestopenglish lessonshare winner Sept 2008

An analysis of Spoken Grammar: The case for production. ELT Journal, May 2008

'Using proverbs': winner of the onestopEnglish lesson share competition December 2007

Sentence Games, Humanising Language Teaching September 2007

Sounding English: Humanising Language Teaching Nov 2006

'Correcting spoken language' (with Steve Darn) Winner of the onestopenglish methodology challenge December 2005

'Explaining grammar with metaphor part 2' Humanising Language Teaching November 2005

'Teaching vocabulary' winner of the onestopenglish methodology challenge May 2005

'Explaining grammar with metaphor' Humanising Language Teaching May 2005

'Using creative thinking to find new uses for realia' ITESL Journal February 2005

'Drilling can be fun!' ITESL Journal July 2002

'Fun with pictures for ELT' first published in IATEFL Issues December 1999